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One gift can help so many

Families: Each year approximately 1,000 family members stay free at our 40-bed guest house. Your donations help provide a home-away-from-home for them while their loved ones are being treated at the Joseph M. Still Burn Center at Doctors Hospital in Augusta.

Burn Patients: Over 2,000 patients are treated at the Burn Center each year. They come from communities across the country. The Burn Foundation serves about 1,000 patients annually and you can help provide transportation, medication, and anti-scarring garments for a burn patient who is ready to go home.

Children: Approximately 25% of the burn patients that we serve are children under the age of 18. These amazing little survivors have unique needs during and after their stay in the hospital.

You decide how you want your donation to be used

Undesignated Donation: Since the needs of patients and families vary, some donors make an undesignated gift for use in the area of greatest need.

Joseph M. Still Heritage Fund: You can make a gift that lasts for a lifetime by donating to the Joseph M. Still Heritage Fund. These donations are placed in an endowment fund. Interest earned on this fund is used for maintenance, repairs, or expansion to the Chavis House.

Pediatric Burn Fund: It?s a natural reaction to offer a teddy bear to a sick child, but pediatric burn patients need special equipment and age-appropriate toys designed to minimize the risk of infection and help keep each child entertained during their hospital stay. This fund was created to meet the special needs of patients under the age of 18.

We put your dollars to work

  • $25 provides clothing for a burn patient upon discharge from hospital
  • $50 provides one car seat for a pediatric burn patient's return home
  • $100 provides two nights' lodging at the Chavis House
  • $250 provides anti-scarring garments for one burn patient
  • $500 provides one month's supply of toiletries and paper products at the Chavis House
  • $1000 provides transportation for follow-up care for 17 burn patients
  • $2500 provides antibiotics and pain medication for 100 patients