Our Firefighters


Since the beginning, firefighters have played a vital role in the mission and legacy of the Burn Foundation of America. Over thirty years ago, surgeons at the Joseph M. Still Burn Center and the firefighters who transported patients there teamed up to assist families who were sleeping on hospital floors and in plastic waiting room chairs, anxiously anticipating news of their loved ones. The Burn Foundation of America, formerly known as the Southeastern Firefighters Burn Foundation, was established in 1988 to provide compassionate care and relief to these families in uncertain times. While our mission and our vision remain unchanged, our new name, Burn Foundation of America, reflects the impact and scope of our services as we grow together to help more families.

Without the help of our firefighters, the Burn Foundation would not be what it is today. Their continued generosity and dedication to our mission over the past several decades has built a legacy of devotion and care that has shepherded thousands of patients and families through the ups and downs of burn recovery.

The Burn Foundation is proud to partner with 45 fire departments throughout the states of Georgia, Mississippi, North Carolina, and South Carolina.


Local Impact

86% of the burn/wound patients and families served by the Burn Foundation are residents of Georgia and South Carolina. Provided below are Georgia and South Carolina state maps broken down by county and number of individuals served to reflect the impact the Burn Foundation has made in the last year.


2019 GA State Map 2019 GA State Map

2019 SC state map | Burn Foundation of America2019 SC state map